Fabric and Wash Care-Desiymien

Fabric Care is of utmost importance as all of the products listed on our site desiymein.com are handcrafted using the finest natural fibres.

Fabrics might have subtle variations in colour, texture and finish and they are bound to occur as they are handled by human hand which involves various processes

Fabrics that are loosely woven and can easily get out of shape so they require special fabric care while washing, drying and ironing.

All the listed instructions will help in maintaining the condition and serviceability of the garments and other products.

Various types of dyes like vegetable dyes and commercial dyes are used in the process of fabric dyeing. Since the fabric is dyed using natural or vegetable dyes sometimes it may rub dry or bleed colour after coming in contact with the water for the first time.

Taking good fabric care of an item of clothing can help to significantly increase its lifespan, which is why we are sharing out some of top tips for taking care of your clothes so they stay looking great for as long as possible! So Ladies…Think twice before washing your clothes.

Washing Instructions:

  • You shouldn’t spray deodorant, mist or a perfume directly on the dress and avoid using one specially for Gold & Silver Prints.
  • We have placed special wash fabric care instructions where the clothing/garment requires special care please read them carefully while placing the order.
  • We have styled each garment according to specific design, style and trend and so each garment will have a different fit. Some are more fitted while some are more relaxed. Our Size guide will help you make a decision based on your body size.
  • You will notice a subtle variations between the colors displayed on our website and the actual garment you will receive due to change in the settings of the monitor in which it is displayed.
  • The designs or garments that we make are sometimes made by “running print’ artwork and the position and placement of those designs, motifs or any other kind of artwork can be different from that which is displayed in the picture
  • Slight difference in colour from the visible product image on the website is unavoidable due to monitor screen & camera setting.
  • Wash our garments by hand lightly with mild detergent.  Do not soak any cotton dress & do not wash with another garment. Dry inside out in shade. Dry clean is ideal but hand wash also works. Do not put them in a washing machine or dryer as it may cause the lightly woven fabric threads to loosen up.
  • You should always dry clean the garments because they may shed excess colour like Indigo. Certain ikats and block- printed textiles are also prone to excess bleeding. In other cases, wash the clothes carefully by hand.
  • To avoid any kind of color bleeding, wash the dark colored fabrics first few times separately.
  • You should take special care of fabrics like chiffon and georgette because of their thin and translucent textures as they should be carefully handled because they are prone to tear and damage.
  • You should take special care of accessories in the garment like zippers, hooks and other accessories used in the garment as same are prone to breakage and damage if you handle them harshly.
  • Clothing having Gold & Silver pleated accessory should be taken special care while washing the garments as the same are prone to damage.
  • You can expect a slight shinkage in all our cottons as they are either handloom woven or hand-block printed
  • Some fabrics may shed excess colour like Indigo. Certain ikats and block- printed textiles are also prone to excess bleeding. In those circumstances, you can either hand wash the garments or you send them for dry cleaning using the service of a reputed drycleaner.
  • Sponge or soak stain in cool water. Pretreat with prewash stain remover, liquid laundry detergent, liquid detergent booster or paste of powder laundry product and water. Launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach, if safe for fabric, or oxygen bleach.
  • Before washing the garments, soak them in a soapy solution for 5-10 minutes, don’t leave them in the solution for longer duration. Also, wash pre-soaked garments immediately. Additionally, similar colored clothes should be coupled together and small quantity of mild detergent should be put in a half-filled bucket of cold water.
  • You shouldn’t use a solid bar of soap or a brush to wash the garments instead, you should clean your soiled garments by gently rubbing with hands. You can rinse the garment a few times in cold water to remove the detergent completely.
  • A final dip in a diluted solution of liquid starch will render a crisp finish to the garment. Do not wring too much.
  • When you dry your clothes under the sun it causes color-fading so you should hang them out to dry in the evenings or in shade or they should be hanged straight to dry on rust proof hangers which are either made up of plastic or wooden.
  • You should not directly on fabrics which have block-prints, embroidery, etc. on them. They should be first turned inside out and then ironed lightly.
  • You should store all the garments in a cool, dry, place protected from sunlight. You should also keep whites and light-coloured garments away from the darker coloured ones. Use aromatic sachets to dispel cupboard odours.
  • Always dry clean silk and silk blend fabrics. Store carefully in cloth covers with a few scented sachets.
  • Garments with delicate laces should be Dry-clean only. Please note some of these fabrics are delicate so please be careful against rough surfaces and snagging.
  • Press with a warm to hot iron while damp. If the item has dried, use a spray bottle to dampen the fabric

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